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developing a life practice to halt escalation and resolve conflicts


This is not your typical online, '...hit enter until you reach the last page' Parenting class.

The Breakthrough Parenting curriculum is a structured, face-to-face 20-hour Parenting skills program developed by Dr. Jayne A. Major, PhD UCLA, expert on Parental Alienation Syndrome. This is a nationally recognized skills-building program for divided families, blended families, families in transition, teen parents, and families in need of court-mandated, effective Parenting training. The program is customized to each parent's needs. Parents are expected to actively participate in class, complete workbook assignments and attend all sessions. Among the 15 essential subjects covered are: Understanding Behavior, Punishment & Disciplining, How Children Think, Family Stress Reduction & Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication Strategies.

Upon completion, Progress and Completion letters will be issued by the class instructor to the Court. 

The program is for parents from all educational levels and is also available in Spanish. 


This specific Domestic Violence class curriculum is a revolutionary new results-oriented program developed by clinical psychotherapists and 'Anger authors' Ronald T. Potter-Efron, MSW PhD and Patricia Potter-Efron, M.S., combining close to 30 years of clinical expertise in the Domestic Violence/Anger Management field.

The program is nationally recognized and recommended by NAMA (National Anger Management Association). It is intensive, interactive and integrates the latest evidence-based outcomes in neuroscience with cognitive-behavioral and Anger Management theories. Clients will work on weekly homework assignments and develop their own individualized practical Plans for Change. The program applies to adult clients of all socio-cultural backgrounds.

The curriculum covers significant topics such as 'Taking Responsibility', Substance Abuse, Developing Empathy, Stress Management, Relationship Skills Training and Conflict Resolution Skills Training.

Mastery Solutions Education for Behavior Modification offers classes of 24-29 sessions, depending on your court orders.


'The National Anger Management Association does not endorse or recommend online Anger Management programs for Court ordered offenders. There is no sound scientific research showing their effectiveness compared with the positive results of face-to-face Anger Management programs.' Retrieved from:

Anger Management skills training takes an integrative approach with neuroscience to achieve permanent behavior changes, focusing on transformation of the individual by teaching cognitive awareness techniques, mindfulness techniques, Lifestyle and pro-active Anger Management skills. The training is evidence-based and teaches clinically proven practices.

This is a 8-16 session NAMA- accredited training that is offered in two different age-related formats: Anger Management for Teens and Adolescents and Anger Managements for Adults.
Mastery Solutions Education for Behavior Modification offers both trainings in group and individual, one-on-one sessions.
Recognized by all courts in the U.S.


Classes provided on demand.
Topics covered: State laws and legal consequences of drug/alcohol possession and use; bio-psycho-social issues related to drug and alcohol use; risk factors for youth using alcohol and drugs; the effects and dangers of illegal substance use; binge drinking among youth and drinking and driving and Addiction and relapse prevention.