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About Us

Mastery Solutions Education for Behavior Modification was founded in 2015 by Sasha I. Ammersingh, MD. Over the course of an impressively diverse career overlapping three continents, Dr. Ammersingh received coaching, training and education with the Department of Children and Families and with the Crisis Unit for Community Mental Health Services. In addition, she has worked in healthcare settings to address the medical and counseling aspects of addiction treatment and has conducted clinical research at the University of Texas Houston’s Department of Substance Abuse Research. Her experiences while working with disadvantaged, rural communities and working in the judicial system with child abuse/neglect have motivated the inception of this company. Dr. Ammersingh is a respected member of the National Association for Addiction Professionals, Florida Chapter and the Vice-Chair of the Treasure Coast Mental Health Association. She speaks four languages fluently including Spanish.

Our Mission: Behavior Modification to strengthen communities one individual at a time. Operating out of Hendry County in Florida, Mastery Solutions Education for Behavior Modification delivers structured, evidence-based programs teaching clients to refocus and regain control over their internal processes despite outwardly adverse circumstances.

Sasha I AmmersinghFounder


Understand and control your anger. Learn about real anger managment.


Understand and manage your child's thinking patterns and behaviors as well as your own.


Effective interventions for domestic violence offenders.

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